NoiseModelling is a tool for producing noise maps. To do so, at different stages of the process, the application needs input data, respecting a strict formalism.

Below we describe the table RECEIVERS, dealing with the receivers.

The other tables are accessible via the left menu in the Input tables & parameters section.


Table definition


The two following columns are mandatory

  • PK
    • Description: receiver’s unique identifier.
    • Type: Integer - Primary Key
    • Description: 3D receiver’s geometry. Z coordinate correspond to the receiver’s height (relative to ground altitude)
    • Type: Geometry (POINT or MULTIPOINT)

If you are working with receivers based on buildings (e.g 50 cm around the building’s facades - see Building_grid script), your RECEIVERS table will need this additional column:

    • Description: building’s Primary Key (PK), allowing to link the receivers with their building
    • Type: Integer


Below are listed the most important input parameters that may be found in the scripts dealing with receivers generation (e.g Building_grid, Delaunay_grid, …) (see Receivers section in the left-side menu of NoiseModelling).

These parameters can be mandatory or optional. When necessary, we indicates the default values and those we recommend (from an acoustic point of view).

Maximum area

  • Parameter name: maxArea
  • Description: Set Maximum Area. No triangles larger than the provided area will be created. Smaller area will create more receivers (square meters)
  • Type: Double
  • Default value: 2500
  • Recommanded value: 2500

Maximum cell size

  • Parameter name: maxCellDist
  • Description: Maximum distance used to split the domain into sub-domains. In a logic of optimization of processing times, it allows to limit the number of objects (buildings, roads, …) stored in memory during the Delaunay triangulation (meters)
  • Type: Double
  • Default value: 600
  • Recommanded value:

Road width

  • Parameter name: roadWidth
  • Description: Set Road Width. No receivers closer than road width distance will be created (meters)
  • Type: Double
  • Default value: 2
  • Recommanded value:


  • Parameter name: height
  • Description: Receiver height relative to the ground (meters)
  • Type: Double
  • Default value: 4
  • Recommanded value: